The blouse is essential to the traditional Indian lehenga ensemble, contributing significantly to its overall elegance and appeal. Lehenga blouses are available in various styles, each exhibiting a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. Throughout this guide, we'll examine the diverse world of necklines for lehenga blouses, ranging from traditional classics to contemporary styles that reflect your personality.

Traditional Necklines:

Round Neckline:

Round necklines are timeless classics that exude simplicity and elegance. The dress is a versatile choice that can be worn with various styles of lehengas. Embroidery, threadwork, and embellishments often adorn the round neck, lending the blouse a touch of traditional charm.

Square Neckline:

Square necklines are characterized by their angular shape, providing a refined and structured appearance. This type of neckline particularly characterizes South Indian bridal wear. Square necklines are frequently embellished with intricate borders, intricate zari work, and sequins, making them popular for traditional occasions.

Sweetheart Neckline:

A sweetheart's neckline resembles the upper part of a heart and is romantic and feminine. This neckline style is flattering and is frequently seen in both contemporary as well as traditional lehenga blouses. This ensemble adds a modern touch to the traditional ensemble, making it suitable for various occasions, including weddings and receptions.

High Neckline:

High necklines are a signature of regality and sophistication. They provide ample coverage and are sometimes embellished with heavy embroidery or beads. High necklines are favoured for formal occasions and are often paired with A-line and mermaid-style lehengas.

Contemporary Neckline Trends:

Off-Shoulder Neckline:

A trendy choice in lehenga blouses, the off-shoulder neckline emphasizes the shoulders and collarbone, giving the blouse a sensual and stylish look that is ideal for fashion-forward occasions. Off-shoulder blouses often feature contemporary embroidery patterns and are ideal for occasions where a contemporary style is desired.

Asymmetric Neckline:

The asymmetric necklines are defined as being irregular or non-traditional in shape. These unconventional designs enhance the contemporary design of lehenga blouses. For those who wish to make a bold fashion statement, asymmetric necklines can be styled in various ways, including one-shoulder or diagonal cuts.

Boat Neckline:

Boat necklines are modern yet elegant necklines that run horizontally along the collarbone. They provide a sophisticated and subtle look, making them suitable for both traditional and contemporary lehengas. Boat neck blouses are often embellished or embroidered intricately to add an element of glamour to the garment.

Keyhole Neckline:

The keyhole neckline features a small, teardrop-shaped opening, adding a touch of allure to the blouse. It is a versatile style that can be customized to suit different preferences, from subtle keyholes for a modest appearance to larger keyholes for a more daring appearance.

Halter Neckline:

The halter neckline is characterized by a strap that wraps around the back of the neck, leaving the shoulders and back exposed. The halter neck blouse can be embellished with beads, sequins, or embroidery to give it a glamorous touch.

Tips for Choosing the Right Neckline:

Body Type:

A V-neck style can enhance the length of the neckline, while a boat neck style can enhance the width. Choose a neckline style that complements your figure and enhances your overall appearance.


Depending on the occasion, you will want to select the right neckline. Traditional necklines work well for cultural events and weddings, while contemporary necklines work well for more contemporary and trendy events.

Personal Style:

Choose a neckline that reflects your individuality and makes you feel confident, regardless of whether you prefer classic, timeless styling or would like to experiment with the latest trends.


Lehenga blouses at Zeel Clothing offer a canvas for artistic expression, and the choice of neckline determines the overall aesthetic of the garment. With a wide range of neckline styles from traditional classics to contemporary trends, every bride and fashion enthusiast can find a perfect complement for their lehenga. Whatever the occasion, let your neckline choice reflect your style and leave a lasting impression.