Lehenga Choli is the first preference for any wedding outfit choice. Whether you are preparing for a festive function or any other celebration. Lehenga Choli fits perfectly in any function. Here are some of the tailoring tips you need to consider before buying a lehenga choli.

Understand your body type

Before selecting lehenga choli, understand your body type and structure. This will help you to choose a style for Lehenga Choli that will enhance your look for the day.

  • Hourglass Body Type- If you have balanced busy and hips with a well-defined waist then go with a well-fitted lehenga choli and flared skirts to highlight your curves.
  • Pear-Shaped Body Type- If you have wider hips and thighs with a smaller bust and waist, go for – lined or Panelled Lehenga Choli that flares out from the waist and balances your look and your body.
  • Apple-Shaped Body Type – If you have a wider torso, broader shoulders, and less defined waist go with high high-waisted lehenga choli with a longer blouse can create a proper look for you.
  • Rectangle Shaped Body Type- If you have a balanced bust, waist, and hips with little definition between them. Look for Lehenga with heavily designed options and flared skirts will complete the look of the ensemble.

Focus on the Fit

A Well Fitted Lehenga Choli can make a difference in your appearance for sure. Here Are some fit-related tips you can consider.

  • Blouse Fit- Ensure the blouse fit makes you feel comfortable around your bust and shoulder. Proper bust support is essential for comfort and style.
  • Lehenga Waist- The waist of the lehenga should sit comfortably on your waistline. A Waistband that’s too tight makes you feel uncomfortable and when it's too loose it will slip from the waist. The Lehenga fit should be perfect.
  • Length- The Length of the lehenga should be right allowing you to work comfortably in the occasion of yours.

Choose the right fabrics-

The choice of fabrics can impact both the look and feel of your lehenga choli.

  • Lightweight Fabric- Georgette lehenga choli and chiffon lehenga choli are ideal for a flowing and graceful look. These fabric materials are comforting and easy to carry.
  • Heavy Fabrics- If you want heavy material go for velvet, or silk lehenga choli options perfect for grand celebrations but can be uncomfortable as it is heavier to wear.
  • Breathable Fabrics- For Summer events, consider wearing breathable fabrics like cotton or light silk blends that keep you cool in summer celebrations.

Pay attention to Embellishments

Embellishments add a touch of glamour to the lehenga choli. So, pay attention to embellishments too.

  • Heavy Embroidery- Intricate Embroidery Lehenga Choli looks stunning. It can make your lehenga choli heavier. So, choose designs according to your fit and choice.
  • Sequins and Stones- These can add sparkle to your lehenga choli.
  • Thread work- Light and Comfortable Thread work can create a beautiful pattern on lehenga choli.

Consider the Occasions

  • Wedding- If you want lehenga choli for the wedding look, look for heavily embellished lehenga choli color options like red, gold, and blue color lehenga choli.
  • Festive Wear- Go for Vibrant Colours and Designs that reflect the festive season and make you look perfect for the event.
  • Party Wear- Balance and style are a deal. Subtle and Contemporary looks are perfect chic for parties.



Consider getting a lehenga choli for a perfect fit and unique look.

  • Tailored Fit- Custom Tailoring ensures that the lehenga choli fits your body perfectly.
  • Design appearance- Personalize the design elements such as neckline, sleeve length, and flare to match your taste.


Investing time and effort in choosing the right lehenga choli can make you feel comfortable and confident. Considering your body shape, and fit, choosing the correct fabrics, and customizing options can ensure that you can look bold and beautiful in your lehenga choli while making yourself feel comfortable and confident for the occasion.

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